Powerful international Energy healing call now on +27789010191

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Powerful international Energyhealing call now on +27789010191

In its different forms, energyhealing is defined as an aspect of alternative and complementary medicine.Energy medicine employs diverse methods to modify and manipulate the flow ofenergy within the body. The intent is to realign, replenish or stabilize theamount  and the quality of energy within the human body. 

*Reiki. *Visualizationtechniques.

 *Bio field energy. *Chakra balancing.

*Spiritual Healing – generallysecular or at least non-denominational

*Faith Healing –tends to be Christian-based


*Yoga. *Sufidancing. *Polarity Therapy. *Meditation – certain forms. DURBAN PIETERMARITZBURG EASTERN CAPE NORTH PRETORIA RASTERN BAG GAUTENGE WEST CAPE TOWN MUSINA